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Herniated disc treatment

Protruded/Herniated Intervertebral Disc

The vast majority of people on one or another stage of life suffered from back pain, most often in the lumbar region, or, rarely, in the cervical region. One of the most probable causes – protruded intervertebral disc.

 Symptoms and Diagnosis

The main symptoms of disc protrusion back pains radiating to the arm or leg; numbness of arm (at protrusion in cervical region) or leg (at protrusion in lumbar region); sensory disturbances in the extremities; low back pain passing into the buttock and, further, in the hip and lower leg. However, it should be kept in mind that all of these symptoms – non-specific, they can be observed in other diseases (of spine or internal organs). That is why the timely and thorough examination with the use of the most modern and advanced equipment it is so important.

Main diagnostic methods of pathology and dislocation of the discs – CT and MRI. Only based on a thorough examination can be developed the best – most effective and least traumatic – treatment plan. Furthermore: the examination is necessary to identify or rule out other diseases of the spine, as well as some diseases of internal organs, which are also appears as pains in the lower back or thoracic spine regions.

Therapy and treatment

A herniated disc usually requires more intensive and long-term care, rather than disc protrusion. The treatment program depends on the duration of pain, on its severity, the degree of damage to the disc and the degree and character of compression of surrounding tissues and nerve roots. In principle, the treatment can be either conservative (drug therapy, including anti-inflammatory drugs, injections, physical therapy) or surgical.

Previously, patients in whom the conservative treatment is did not help, forced to put up with the pain or decided on an extensive complex operation conjugated with lengthy recovery period – from a few weeks to a few months. As of today, exist a wide range of minimally invasive procedures, some of which do not require general anesthesia. In particular, in recent years the nucleoplasty acquires increasingly popular in Israel and in Europe.

In conclusion

Back pain – very common, especially among those who lead a sedentary life. However, this does not mean that is necessary to put up with them. Achievements of modern medicine allow to achieve a stable relief, and in many cases, to get rid of the problem once and forever.


Duration and cost of examination and treatment

Duration of examination is until 4 working days.

A high quality CT / MRI – scanning – 1650 $ (in the case of poor quality of tomography, which brought)

Spine surgeon consultation – 530$

Routine examinations in preparation for surgery – ECG, complete blood count, urine analysis, fluorography -540$ 

Pre-Anesthesia Consultation with anesthesiologist (if the operation is necessary) – 220$

If by results of CT/MRI scanning the diagnosis will not confirmed, other tests may be required to determine the cause of pain.

Medical therapies:

  • Nucleoplasty
  • Endoscopic discectomy
  • Laser vaporization
  • Prosthetic intervertebral disc replacement
  • Surgery to install a static fixator

The most suitable treatment option chosen individually for each case.

Possible cost of the treatment can range from – 23400$.

Where to begin

If you have some or all of the above symptoms, it is a sufficient reason for a thorough examination. Do not postpone it – as practice shows, neglected cases require more prolonged and sometimes more radical treatment. You can contact to «Tel-Aviv Medical Center» by phone +972-3-771-28-00 or by e-mail

If you have files of with recent CT / MRI – scans, you can send them to us via file sharing service. This will help to professionals of «Tel-Aviv Medical Center» to make a preliminary assessment of your condition and possibly to make a preliminary plan for examination and treatment.