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Laboratory Tests

At the Tel Aviv Medical Center we run tests in the following fields:

Comprehensive laboratory tests:

  • Heart electrocardiography – ECG
  • Complete blood count
  • Blood H.I.V. test with the consent of the patient
  • Folic acid and B12 blood test
  • Thyroid function blood test
  • Homocysteine blood test
  • PSA blood test – for detection of prostate cancer
  • CRP blood test
  • Liver function tests
  • Kidney function tests
  • Lipid profile (cholesterol and triglycerides)

Sugar and urine

  • Protein test through urine collection
  • Protein in urine
  • Ketones
  • SG – Specific Grav U Strip
  • Nitrites
  • Urine culture
  • Glucose U Strip
  • Bilirubin U Strip
  • Protein Urine 24h Albumim
  • WBC – White Blood Cells
  • RBC- Red Blood Cells
  • Urine pH level
  • Urobilinogen U Strip

Laboratory tests – for accurate diagnosis

One of the most important services in the Tel Aviv Medical Center is laboratory tests.
These tests are used to complete the diagnosis of an illness, discover pathological
changes, diagnose allergies, perform genetic diagnosis, or examine the general physical
condition of a patient. We perform these tests in the most professional and pleasant
manner, in a designed treatment room, by a skilled and experienced staff. The service
includes receiving the testing report after a talk with the doctor.

Who can come to the lab?

The lab is open for Israeli residents who are interested in private tests, without waiting in line
at the HMO, as well as tourists who are not insured by the state of Israel. At the Tel Aviv
Medical Center, both groups enjoy professional tests, which are executed in an exclusive
environment, with quick access and no bureaucracy or foot dragging.

The advantages of the medical center’s lab tests

  • Quick access to every test
  • The tests are executed in a professional and pleasant manner
  • The results are back quickly
  • During the tests you can enjoy all of the center’s advantages, such as the enchanting view
    and luxurious design, the courteous office services and the friendly team
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