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Tel Aviv, Beit Gaon, 12th floor Kaufmann St 6

About us

“Medical Boutique” for Israelis and tourists

First class service in healtcare

First-class service in healthcare

The Tel Aviv Medical Center is an innovatively designed medical center, located on the
Mediterranean shore. The center provides private high-quality medical services to Israeli
citizens, tourists and foreign citizens. The center includes advanced and up to date medical
equipment, as well as a sophisticated laboratory. The services are provided by a team of
medical specialists, of the best in their field.

The center was established after we identified the need for boutique medicine for specific
target audiences:

  • Foreign citizens who are interested in medical tourism.
  • Foreign citizens and tourists who are in Israel for business, tourism, etc. and are in need of first aid, a doctor’s checkup and/or referral to specific treatments.
  • Israeli citizens from the central part of the country, who are interested in quick and professional medical services in a unique environment.
  • Israeli citizens from all over the country, who are staying in Tel Aviv temporarily for
    vacation, business, etc.

The medical center was designed and furnished to create a calm, secure and comfortable
atmosphere for all visitors and employees. This atmosphere is enhanced by the center’s
location, at the heart of Tel Aviv’s tourist center, the Herbert Samuel promenade, facing the
golden-blue beach, surrounded by hotels, restaurants and cafés.

Treatment, accompaniment and support, from A to Z

Our vast experience and professional approach allow us to provide the suitable support at the
right time for people in need of medical assistance. Beyond the examinations, consultation
and first aid, the center provides support and accompaniment in all matters related to the
patients’ stay and healing process. For example, we take care of your staying arrangements,
and organize referrals for surgery, hospitalization and any other treatment outside the
medical responsibility of the center.

Skilled courteous staff

At the Tel Aviv Medical Center we have a permanent medical staff, made up of skilled doctors
who are the best in their field. The courteous service-oriented staff is committed to provide
all patients with suitable care and medical solutions that will bring about the desirable results.
Our doctors speak English, Russian, Hebrew and vatious other languages, and hold all
the required licenses and permits.

At our medical tourism department, the tourists will find a staff experienced in the field of
medical tourism.

Our office staff members welcome all visitors with a smile, and provide response for any
question or request politely and patiently.

The Tel Aviv Medical Center features and advantages

  • High standard boutique medicine
  • Professional specialists in a variety of fields
  • Support and accompaniment throughout the process
  • Quick access to tests that require long waiting periods in the health maintenance
    organizations (HMO)
  • Exclusively designed clinic, which combines serenity with comfort and functionality


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